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The Race of Gentlemen

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  For the past few years the Oilers car club has hosted the Race of Gentlemen on the east coast beach of Wildwood, New Jersey.  

A show featuring hand selected pre-war cars and motorcycles racing each other and the tide along the sandy shoreline.  An event I have

long wanted to see and photograph after seeing photos that started to appear online and in magazines. How excited I was to hear that the Oilers were packing up the wagons and bringing the show to the west coast this year,  

I booked my flight the next day.  


  With the surprise of overcast skies and misty rain, it seemed as if the Oilers had brought the complete package of TROG to California, including the east coast weather. Along with the greasy and gritty cars ripping around on the sand, I think the misty weather only helped to complete the illusion of stepping back to a time to when things were little bit simpler .


  This tanker has never seen salt but it has gotten sandy on both coasts, racing at both TROG events.   


     The smell of exhaust and ocean air was thick in the staging lanes.




Getting a better view 


 Some got stuck....


  0V5A10200V5A1020 Some raced.... 0V5A10070V5A1007

0V5A06400V5A0640 ..some got sandy

0V5A08080V5A0808 0V5A05670V5A0567

What an impressive sight it was to see such a great mix of automotive history speeding along the shoreline.  Everything from early Fords, Dodges, Speedsters, Harleys, and Indian motorcycles racing down the 1/8th mile course of sand.  It was hard not to feel as if you had stepped

into the pages of a history book.  



0V5A10930V5A1093    0V5A06420V5A0642

Traditional didn't just stop at the machines racing on the sand, it could be seen in the early 30's styled outfits that were worn by many, I thought these two fellas had it down.


Sand sprayed....


and the flag waved all day long, five runs at a time, until the ocean took back it's beach.  0V5A11780V5A1178

0V5A06530V5A0653 A little tip: goggles are a must when racing on the beach

0V5A10900V5A1090 Pedal start!  So great to see this up at the start line, the zap strap on the brake and the electrical tape around the fuel tank are priceless gearhead fix'em uppers 0V5A06750V5A0675

A 1930's Miller bodied Indy car made an appearance on the sand...what a great piece of racing history.

0V5A06290V5A0629 Stories were told....

0V5A06670V5A0667 and traffic was a bitch.... 0V5A09170V5A0917



some great memories were made, and a new page, (this page in colour) to add to the history books. 


The Oiler's car club did an amazing job and gave a living history lesson that few will forget.

0V5A12720V5A1272 0V5A05710V5A0571

I look forward to getting sandy again next year.




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